02 - Steep Turns & Slow Flight

Private Pilot
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Charath Ranganathan


March 16, 2024


Steep turns are a high-performance maneuver designed to develop the skills of smoothness, coordination, orientation, division of attention and control techniques. They are typically performed in either direction (left and/or right) with an angle of bank of 45\(\degree\pm\) 5\(\degree\).

Slow flight is a manuever that shows the student how the aircraft behaves at speeds just above the stall speed of the airplane.


At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the structure of a typical flight lesson.
  2. Use the preflight checklist to preflight the aircraft.
  3. Understand, and explain, the various items on the checklist and relate potential failures to the safety of flight.
  4. Perform a pre-takeoff check (aka runup).
  5. Perform a normal takeoff and climb to the practice area.
  6. Demonstrate basic flight maneuvers: climbs, descents, straight and level flight, and turns.
  7. Divide attention between external references and flight instruments.


  1. Student & instructor introductions, familiarity, agreements.
  2. Checklist usage
  3. Preflight
  4. Engine start, taxiing, and pre-takeoff checks
  5. Takeoff and climb
  6. Straight and level flight
  7. Shallow turns
  8. Climbs and descents
  9. Trim usage
  10. Approach and landing


  • Ground: 0.5
  • Preflight: 0.5
  • Flight: 0.7


Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers Textbook:

  • Chapter 1 (Ground Operations): All maneuvers
  • Chapter 2 (Basic Manevers): All maneuvers

Jeppesen Private Pilot Textbook:

  • Chapter 2 (Airplane Systems): Section A (Airplanes)

  • Review checklist and print a copy (two-sided, flip on short edge)


  • Student / instructor agreement:
    • On-time
    • Be prepared
    • Ask questions
    • Communicate
  • Certification timeline
    • Minimum 40 hours
    • Typically 60 - 80 hours
    • Try to fly at least once a week, preferably twice.
  • Budget: Approximately $ 12,000 (2024 rates at AACIT)
  • Logistics:
    • Schedule aircraft on ScheduleMaster
    • Settling bills
    • Instructor payment: Due at end of every lesson


Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers Textbook:

  • Chapter 5 (Flight Maneuvers): Slow flight, Steep turns

Jeppesen Private Pilot Textbook:

  • Chapter 2 (Airplane Systems): Section B (The Powerplant and Related Systems)
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