French (not Death) Valley Flyout: March 31, 2013

Talk about the need to be flexible when flying – well, more than when flying a commercial airline, at least!

David Werntz, one of the instructors at the Caltech Aero Club, had tried to arrange a flyout to the Furnace Creek Airport (L06) in Death Valley, CA. Over the last few days, we had noticed that the weather in and around the SoCal area was steadily deteriorating, and last night we realized from the weather forecasts that not only was the cloud cover over SoCal going to make it difficult for us but that the winds in the desert were going to be picking up pretty bad. For example, current (at the time of this post) winds at Edwards Air Force Base are from the West-Southwest (240 degrees) 19 knots with gusts of up to 25 knots.

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Night Flight to Chino and Ontario 3/30/2013

I had to get checked out in the Caltech Aero Club‘s C172 (N54678) and so, my instructor, Russell Thomas and I decided to do some night flying as part of the checkout. Since I had told Russ that I’ve never landed at Ontario, he figured why not do some pattern work at Ontario (KONT). What a trip!

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