I had to get checked out in the Caltech Aero Club’s C172 (N54678) and so, my instructor, Russell Thomas and I decided to do some night flying as part of the checkout. Since I had told Russ that I’ve never landed at Ontario, he figured why not do some pattern work at Ontario (KONT). What a trip!

We took off from El Monte (KEMT), headed east towards Chino (KCNO) and did one full stop landing at Chino. After a taxi back we took off from Chino, got an early frequency change to Ontario Tower and asked for clearance to land with the option.

Ontario Tower cleared us immediately to land on 26L (their shorter runway). Of course, as we headed in, there was an A320 coming in for landing on 26R and we were asked to do a left 360 for spacing in order to avoid wake turbulence. Once the A320 touched down, we were cleared to enter base and a short final later we were on 26L. Full stop. Taxi back for takeoff. We then asked for a couple of touch-and-go’s, but on the second approach, Russ asked me if I wanted to do the VOR-A approach to El Monte. How could I, in good conscience, say no :-)

For quick reference, here is the VOR-A approach into KEMT. Russ worked the radios, and instructed while I flew the approach. A lot of fun.

Here’s a GPS track of my flight path (click on the image to go to the actual Google Map). Note the left 360 on the leg from Chino to Ontario. By the way, I use this really cool app called MotionX GPS for this flight track (more on apps in another post).