I decided to take a short flight to Whiteman Airport (KWHP) this last weekend. It’s been a long time since I actually did anything remotely resembling a cross-country flight on my own and, even though KWHP is only 20 miles from KEMT, I thought it would bring back some old memories. I was not mistaken :)

I decided not to use Flight Following so that I would get to do some good ol’ fashioned Class C transitions through Burbank. All in all a good plan.

Here’s a link to the flight plan on Skyvector.

My flight was at 2500 feet outbound and about 3000 feet inbound.

On taking off from KEMT, I called Burbank tower from the 210/134 interchange and asked for a transition through their Class C at 2500. Burbank tower cleared me right through to Whiteman. About 3 miles before Four Stacks, I was given a frequency change to Whiteman Tower and from that point on, it was just a simple left downwind arrival to Whiteman. On takeoff from Whiteman, I had asked the tower to coordinate Class C clearance (as I was used to doing at Chino), but Whiteman tower just was incapable of understanding my request, let alone getting me a coordinated clearance. So, I just asked Whiteman Tower for a frequency change and asked Burbank Tower for a Class C transition eastbound. I received the clearance with no issues and very soon was near the 210/134 interchange and handed off to El Monte Tower. Entry to base for 19 was the same as always - over the 210 freeway, and from there on it was a simple landing into El Monte.

Here are some pictures from my flight.

The Rose Bowl

Burbank Airport from the Air!