About PFactor.io

PFactor.io is a site that contains articles, tutorials, and information about Aviation and Electronics, especially Embedded Controllers. The phrase “PFactor” is unique in that it has meaning, both in aviation, and in electronics.

In Aviation, PFactor is the name given to the yawing effect that is experienced by an aircraft due to the rotation of a propeller, especially at high angles of attack. This phenomenon, often causes the aircraft to yaw to the left. You often hear flight instructors yelling “More right rudder!” to their flabbergasted students because the left yawing tendency can be corrected with right rudder.

In Electronics, PFactor (or “power factor”) is the ratio of real power that is used to do work, to the apparent power supplied to the circuit when subjected to alternating current.

Since this site deals with both aviation, and electronics, I could not think of a more fitting name for it than “PFactor”.